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Museum Map

golondrinas museum map

Map of El Rancho de las Golondrinas, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Entrada Principal (Main Entrance) Libby's Garden and Juan Batista de Anna Memorial Plazas Artesanas Food Service and Picnic Area Paloheimo Education Center Hacienda Exhibit Hall Museum Shop Restrooms Restrooms Entertainment Platform Pino House (administration) Covered Entry Courtyard, Well and Ovens Living Room and Chapel Founder's Room Kitchen with Shepherds' Bed and Fireplace Guest Bedroom Living Room Entrance to Tower Defensive Tower Bedroom Storeage Room Weaving Workrooms Captive's Room Corrals, Stables Butchering Area Goat Barn House of Manuel Baca Storeage Shed Storeage Room Root Cellar Country Store Delgado Tinshop Old Molasses Mill New Molasses Mill Path Down Hill Mother Ditch Wheelwright Shop Carpenter Shop Old Talpa Mill Manuel Apodaca Blacksmith Shop Resting Place Old Golondrinas Mill Barela Mill from Truchas Raton Schoolhouse Dye Shed Fruit Orchard Gallegos Vineyard Winery Scenic Overlook Calvary Hill Cemetery Penitente Meeting House Madrid House Mill Pond Big Mill from Sapello Sierra Village Bridge Chicken Coop Primitive House Grandmother's House Mora House Storeage Room Root Cellar Corrals and Sheds Herb Gardens Rock Wall St. Isidore Chapel Sheepherder's Cabin Hide Tanning Area