The Card Game “Memory”

Deck of cards
The Card Game “Memory” is also called Concentration. Among other things, being a good historian means being able to remember all kinds of interesting information about the past. This easy card game helps to strengthen your memory and concentration skills and it’s fun to play, either alone or with a friend!
Number of Players: One or more
Needed: 1 deck of standard playing cards
Challenge: Remember where the cards are after turning them over briefly, two at a time.
Playing the Game: Shuffle the deck of cards well. Lay all 52 cards face down on a flat surface, preferably in ordered rows. The first player turns up any two cards; if they happen to match (7 and 7), the player removes them from the rest and keeps them, then takes another turn.
When there is no match, the two cards are returned to their same spot face down, without shifting their positions. The player to the left then takes their turn. Players study the cards, trying to remember them and their placements. As the game goes on and card pairs are removed, it gets easier.
Winning the Game: The game continues until all the cards have been paired and taken. The player with the most cards wins!
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