Strategic Plan

Our Mission

Inspire learning and preserve the legacy of the land through encounters with the traditions and culture of New Mexico’s Hispano past.

Founder’s Intent

Restore the past to enrich the present and endow the future.

Guiding Principals

Our guiding principles that inform key decisions and shape the way we treat visitors, volunteers, staff, Board members, and partner. LEARNING: We will bring people together to explore New Mexico’s history, create innovative intergenerational programming, promote life-long learning, and reach students beyond the walls of the museum. STEWARDSHIP: We will be committed guardians of our collections, buildings, water, and historic landscape by adhering to museum best practices for care and preservation.

Commitment to Community

We will forge partnerships that strengthen our community and museum, provide learning opportunities for all, promote a diverse audience, and uphold the traditional New Mexican vecino concept of being a good neighbor. AUTHENTICITY: We offer meaningful experiences and quality programs based on historical accuracy and skilled interpretation. ACCOUNTABILITY: We will be honest, transparent and accountable in all aspects of our operations by following the highest ethical standards.

Goal 1

Improve AUTHENTICITY and QUALITY of programming and education

1.1. Implement standards-based curriculum

1.2 Create a visitor survey plan

1.3 Develop an Interpretive plan that assures authenticity

1.4 Evaluate weekend events for mission alignment

Goal 2

Assure STEWARDSHIP of our site, buildings, collections, and other natural and cultural resources 

2.1 Develop a Cultural Landscape Report

2.2 Generate a Comprehensive Facilities Plan

2.3 Create a Water Resources Plan

2.4 Integrate Agriculture into programming

2.5 Implement new collections management policy

Goal 3

Develop MARKETING AND OUTREACH to increase the museum’s audience, support fund development, and improve community engagement.

3.1 Develop a multi-dimensional Marketing Plan

3.2 Sustain organizational partnerships

3.3 Improve school outreach

3.4 Engage Los Amigos in Ranch programs

Goal 4

Strengthen GOVERNANCE and MANAGEMENT to assure unity and operational excellence

4.1 Create staff position descriptions

4.2 Prioritize staffing needs

4.3 Ensure a diverse, capable, satisfied volunteer corps

4.4 Foster Board diversity and engagement

4.5 Monitor AAM accreditation progress

Goal 5

Improve FUNDING to support the mission 

5.1 Diversify funding sources

5.2 Increase Board involvement

5.3 Develop additional support from Los Amigos del Museo and other benefactors

5.5 Prepare Capital Campaign


Major Success Indicators 

Goal 1

Improved ratings on vistor satisfaction survey; Improved ratings on teacher satisfaction survey; Increase in size of audience at mission-centered activities

Goal 2

Completion of prioritized facilities and infrastructure projects

Goal 3

Increased membership retention rate; Increase in name recognition

Goal 4

Increase the size of volunteer corps; All staff positions filled; Items completed on accreditation checklist for first phase

Goal 5

Increase the diversity of donors and donor impact

Vision Elements — How we will look in 2018

  • We have a broad, diverse audience.
  • We have an integrated plan for marketing that reaches and expands our audience.
  • Our large, excellent education program reaches students throughout the state.
  • Our well-organized and highly motivated staff is sufficient in strength and training to fulfill our mission.
  • Our volunteer program supports the quality of our programs and the visitor experience.
  • We are focused on mission-centered and educational programs.
  • We are conscientious stewards of our unique landscape, facilities, collections, and resources.
  • Our fundraising has resulted in increased support for our mission and strategic goals.
  • The Museum is recognized as a museum with high standards and excellent programs dedicated to the well-being of our visitors and community.

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