The 13th Annual Santa Fe Renaissance Fair

Saturday, September 19 & Sunday, September 20, 2020

Time: 10am to 5 pm
Adult Admission: $12
Seniors (62+) & Teens (13–17): $10
12 and Under: FREE!!
Parking is FREE

Join us on a majestic journey back in time to the Kingdom of Golondrinas. Travel with the fairies to their enchanted village, cheer on the knights of the Order of Epona, laugh with Clan Tynker, play in the kids game area, eat delicious foods, dance to medieval music, and buy unique arts and crafts at New Mexico’s premier Renaissance Fair.




All participants must present a valid ID to drink alcohol. No exceptions.



The website “” is NOT affiliated with the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire or El Rancho de las Golondrinas in any way, shape or form. Any/all official information regarding the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire can only be found on this website ( or social media pages affiliated with El Rancho de las Golondirnas.




The Santa Fe Renaissance Faire is a community event whose proceeds help fund the educational programs of El Rancho de las Golondrinas and the Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences.

Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences (SFSAS) is a preschool to 8th grade nonprofit school committed to academic excellence in an environment of respect, inclusion and diversity using expeditionary learning, global perspectives and a multicultural art and science enriched curriculum.

Thanks to our proud sponsors:

Please check back soon for the full 2020 Schedule of Events.

2019 Schedule

The Kingdom’s Front Gate

“A Love Story-Opening Show

The Queen’s Stage

Clan Tynker
10:15, 12:10, 3:10

Pomegranate Studios Belly Dance
11:10, 4:10

Registration for Costume Contest

Rumelia Collective

Costume Contest!

Pomegranate Studios Belly Dance

The King’s Stage

Doors of Trouba

Belisama Irish Dance

Celtic Coyotes (Saturday)

Minstrels of Penzance (Sunday)

Compania Mina Fajardo & Chuscales

Pomegranate Studios Belly Dance

Nuevo Flamenco Guitar & Brujo Trio

Nobles Square

Moor of Dundee

Never Flamenco Guitar & Brujo Trio

El Mago Vagando Magic Show

NewSong Fairy Violine

Moor of Dundee

The Royal Pavillion

Royal Audiance
10:00, 4:15

Dulci-Magic with Evan Danforth
10:00, 2:30

Princess Tea Party (kids 2–10 years old)
11:00, 2:00

Story Time with Elle Literate (kids 4–10 years old)
12:15, 3:30

Queen’s Quest Parade & Knighting Ceremony

History Corner

Hands-On History (kids & adults)
10:30, 3:45

Secrets of the Renaissance with The Duke of Norfolk (kids 10+ years)
11:00, 2:00

Renaissance Warefare with The Duke de Brissac (kids 10+ years)
11:30, 3:00

Dressing the Nobility with The Duchess of Norfolk (kids & adults)
12:15, 2:30

Art of The Renaissance (kids 10+ years)

On The Village Streets

Roaming Entertainment (look for the cast pin)
All Day

Vegi-Bocce Game (kids & adults)


Pomegranate Studio Belly Dance

Buccaneer Bay Pirate Camp

Cannon Ball Games
10:30, 1:30

Skull Croquet
11:30, 2:30

Pirate Challenge
12:00, 2:00, 4:00

The Golondrinas Tavern

The Moor of Dundee and Cordoba

Nuevo Flamenco Guitar & Brujo Trio

Celtic Coyotes (Saturday)

Dulci-Magic with Evan Danforth (Sunday)

Pomegranate Studios Belly Dance

El Mago Vagando Magic Show

Field of Champions

Jousting/Equine Tournament with the Order of Epona
11:15, 1:10, 4:10

Fairy Village

Fairy Shenanigans

Arts & Sciences Demonstrations

Fairy Dance School
11:00, 3:00

The Mirth an Munchkin Show
12:00, 1:30, 3:00

Wylde Hunt Acadamy Sword School
11:30, 3:30

Fairy Village Knighting Ceremony (at Fairy Village Royal Pavillion)


Wylde Hunt Acadamy
Golondrinas Mermaids
Golondrinas Fairies, Trolls & Elves

Meet Zeema The Unicorn

10:00, 2:00

The Baca Plaza

Spanish Weapons Demonstration with Queen’s Pike Men
11:00, 2:00

Armord Combat League

Fighting Matches
All Day

Create a Leather Family Crest

(South of the Queen Stage)

Festival Details

  • No firearms (no exceptions).
  • Visitors may not engage in combat (this includes “boffers”).
  • No pets allowed (only ADA-approved assistance animals).
  • Must be 21 years of age to consume beer, wine and mead. Identification will be checked.
  • No outside alcohol may be brought onto the Museum grounds.
  • No bicycles allowed on Museum grounds.

2019 Arts & Crafts Vendors

A Train of Thought

Aguja  y ClavoJewelry Designs

Anthro Pottery

Ariel Greeley Jewelry

Aroma Wear Jewelry

Bags of Taos

Banner Knife

By George! CBD

Burnt Mountain Crafts

Cactus Fire Pottery

Castles Cooper

Crockett’s Blades

Dancing Dolphins Art

Darjeeling Et Al

Dark Mark

Divine Palm Art

Dr. Green Glass

Eclectics Creations

Equina Wear

Enchanted Ceramics

Enchanted Soul Apothecary

Eymann Therapeutics

Feather in your Cap



Flying Cloud

Flying Fox Forest

Francesca Margaritondo

Generations of Art

Gold Canyon Candles

Green Dragon Studio

Henna Blessings

Hil’s Jewelry

Irragin Traders

K&C Naturals

Le Paris French Bakery

Little bit of this ‘n that

Liz Roberts Pottery

Mesa Mill & Forge

Miss Mary Ceramics

Multiverse Menagerie

Owlry Wand Shoppe/soaps


Queen Mab’s Store

Rebeka Flamework Glass

Rick’s Chainmail


Santa Fe Honey Salon

Sunne in Splendour

The Beast Boutique

The Dun Stag

The Mythic Forge

Too Many Guppies

Tumbling Goat

Usborne Books

Wanderlust Import

Whimsy Trail Studio

Wild Weed Flower

Wildcat Lavender


Wolfsisters Creations

Wood Mugs and Goblets

Words Remember

Ye Ole Kitchen Witch

Ziryab’s Body Brew

2019 Food & Drink Vendors

Sweet Almande

Mafe Café

Jambo Café

Hot Stuff Café

CCR Roasters

Flamingo Steve’s Italian Ice

Tres Colores Restaurant

Bruno’s the Biz

Sweet Mountain Kettle Corn

Molly’s Crepe Escape

Platero’s Fry Bread

Royal Empire Catering

Food & Drink Vendor Application

All Things Renaissance

A comprehensive site for costumes, language, renfaire acting, history and other links.

Costumes, Swords and Armor Links

Shop for Your Costume at
Celebrating 20 years in the Renaissance business!

Find Inexpensive Costumes at Wholesale Halloween Costumes (Search on “Renaissance”)

Guide to Renaissance Costumes

More Costumes for sale at
We especially like this Inn Keeper’s Daughter costume

Make a Cardboard Sword

Here is a tutorial on how to make prop swords out of cardboard (includes a video).

How to Make Cardboard Shields
This is a nice tutorial on how to make two different kinds of shields out of cardboard (includes a video).

How to Make a Cape
This is good tutorial on making a very simple hooded cape without a pattern and requiring only a few sewing skills. Depending on your height and the cape’s length, you may need more than the one yard of fabric called for.

Make a Belt Pouch
This is a good tutorial on making a quick leather belt pouch for carrying your stuff when you attend a Renaissance fair. You can strengthen
the belt slit (step 7) by punching a small hole at the top and bottom of the slit.


Pirate Activities for Children
This has a variety of pirate craft activities for young children. These are perfect for a pirate-themed party or a rainy day.


Make Your Own Coat of Arms
This has several pages on the history of heraldry and how to design a Medieval Coat of Arms. One page has printable shields and various designs (charges) for assembling your own unique Coat of Arms.

Design a Coat of Arms
Learn the reasons why knights had coats of arms, and then design your own.

Sponsorships Available for the 2019 Renaissance Fair.

For more information about the benefits of being a sponsor for the Renaissance Fair call (505) 471-2261!

Santa Fe Renaissance Fair