Las Golondrinas Production History 

Did you know that New Mexico film history predates New Mexico’s establishment as a state? Shot in 1898, one of the first films made on the newly developed Edison Camera, “Indian Day School” was a 50 second “moving picture” depiction of children exiting a schoolhouse at Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico! Expanding from there, this short film was the start a long history of successful filmmaking in the state. New Mexico is consistently ranked among the top places to shoot a film or television project in the United States, with the film industry contributing to local economies and providing employment opportunities for New Mexico citizens.

Filmmakers come to New Mexico for the same reason painters and photographers have always come here: the light, open space, and dramatic landscape, and because of New Mexico’s authentic old west locations, the state has a rich history in Western cinema. Las Golondrinas is proud to be one such location!

See what’s been filmed on site!

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