Talk Tuesdays

May 21st Acequia Culture & Water Rights by Las Golondrinas Board Members, JJ Gonzales, Michael Romero Taylor and Kyle Harwood  El agua es la vida. Come and learn about Acequia systems and all their complexities from three Golondrinas Board Members. Their vast knowledge encompasses everything from water law to the history and future of Acequias…

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Rocky’s Bird Tour

Rocky Tucker's Bird Tour

Come and join Golondrinas volunteer Rocky Tucker as he leads you through the property in search of all our winged residents. You may get a chance to see our albino robin or a majestic blue heron. The tour will be on May 18th starting at 8 am. Make sure to bring walking shoes and a…

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Golondrinas Has a New Caterer for the 2019 Season

YouthWorks is the New Caterer at Golondrinas

El Rancho de las Golondrinas AND ¡YouthWorks!…two great organizations one great team!!! Awesome news—¡YouthWorks! will be the new caterer for Las Golondrinas’ 2019 museum season. Delicious food, exciting educational programs and two amazing organizations together at the Southwest’s premier living history museum, El Rancho de las Golondrinas. Opening day June 1st. For almost 18 years,…

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Object of the Month


Yucca by Amanda Mather Man, what would we do without the yucca plant? I mean, we eat it, we use it for fiber, we use it for needles and awls, we make sandals out of it, we make soap out of it, we love the stuff! It is also, real dork fact here, the official…

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