Object of the Month

Spanish Colonial scissors

by Amanda Mather This month we talk about one of those things that, although we use constantly, it’s easy to forget what a revolution they must have been. Think of the world without scissors! Invented in Mesopotamia around 4,000 years ago, the scissors of yesteryear are often not the type we think of or see…

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Meet Julia R. Gomez

Julia R. Gomez

“I have been volunteering at the Ranch since 2000,” states Julia R. Gomez. “I have learned much about my own history here at Las Golondrinas. My art of colcha embroidery blossomed once I started volunteering here. I was invited to be a part of the “Spinners and Weavers” by Beatrice Sandoval Maestas who was the director of the group at that time.…

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