Adopt an Animal!

churro sheep

Did you know that it costs approximately $300 a year to feed, house and care for just one of our churro sheep, burros or goats? If you want to have a direct impact on our most popular ranch residents, we hope you will ADOPT an ANIMAL today — our latest addition of an adorable baby…

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Curator’s Corner: Chile


by Amanda Mather, Curator of Collections There are certain cuisines and specific foods that are almost impossible to imagine without chile. Thai and Chinese cuisine, pasta arrabiata, I mean what did they even do in Szechuan before they had chiles? Before contact, there wasn’t any chile to be had outside of the Americas. It’s hard…

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Volunteer Keith Austin

by Laura Gonzales, Education and Volunteer Manager If you have enjoyed the homemade muffins, turnovers and other baked treats that appear on the kitchen table in the Volunteer Casita when Keith Austin is at the Ranch, you may thank a decision he made many years ago. Born in Mount Ayr, Iowa, he was soon transported…

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