Life is Sweet with Honeybees and Cherry Trees

Hello from your History Herald! As spring gently rouses New Mexico from its winter sleep, the days become warmer and brighter and our gardens welcome back their beautiful blooms. Will all this beauty around, I am inspired to talk about one of Earth’s most impressive and important species who starts to make an appearance around…

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Curator’s Corner: Purslane

by Amanda Mather, Curator of Collections As spring springs around here it makes me think of all the green things I have missed over the winter that are now starting to bud and come back to life. Here is to one of my favorites, and some green I can’t wait to see! This week we…

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History Herald: Apples

by Laura Gonzales, Education & Volunteer Manager Hello from the History Herald! Did you know that apples have been an integral part of New Mexico’s history for over 300 years? In the past, New Mexico orchards were ripe with an array of heirloom apples brought over from Spain as early as the 17th century. In fact,…

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Cooking with Golondrinas: Red Chile Apple Pie

Since we’re focusing our History Herald this week on apples, and my apple trees are starting to yield some great fruit, here’s a recipe that has become a fixture at our house for holidays and special occasions — the red chile adds a great little (or big) kick, depending on how much you opt for…

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zuccini parmesan

Cooking with Golondrinas

by Jackie Camborde, Director of Development I am going to be totally honest here — I am an ambivalent cook. I’m good at it, but more often than not it seems like too much work. However, thanks to the bounty of fresh produce available this summer, I am feeling more inspired than usual! Here are…

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Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert

Curator’s Corner: Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert – NM Foodways Pioneer

by Amanda Mather, Curator of Collections Today for my book “report”” as it may be I would like to do something a bit unusual, emphasize just one author. Her name was Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert, she lived almost 100 years and was one of the great advocates for New Mexico’s rural people and it’s…

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Curator’s Corner: Chile

by Amanda Mather, Curator of Collections There are certain cuisines and specific foods that are almost impossible to imagine without chile. Thai and Chinese cuisine, pasta arrabiata, I mean what did they even do in Szechuan before they had chiles? Before contact, there wasn’t any chile to be had outside of the Americas. It’s hard…

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