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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Douglas Merriam, www.santafe.org

New Mexico: From Pueblos to Bat Dwellings

Need some road trip recommendations?

Taos and Santa Fe have always been top tourist destinations in New Mexico and, with the success of the TV series “Breaking Bad,” Albuquerque also enjoys a steady influx of visitors. But beyond the natural beauty and stunning desert surroundings of these popular locales, New Mexico is surprisingly diverse in its topography and can run the gamut from snow-capped mountains to underground caverns to lush woodlands.

The best way to see everything is by car so here are some recommended highlights that start with Taos in the north central region and take you all the way down to Carlsbad in the southeastern corner. Whether you want to take nature hikes, unwind in a spa resort or immerse yourself in the state’s fascinating history, you’ll understand why they call it the “Land of Enchantment.”


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