Volunteers of the Year

Every year, El Rancho de Las Golondrinas names a new “Volunteer of the Year”.  These hardworking people are regular contributors to the Museum’s core of dedicated volunteers.  They volunteer a high number of hours, are regular participants at festivals and other museum events, and typically provide a unique service to the museum that is above and beyond the regular call of duty.  It is always a difficult choice as El Rancho de Las Golondrinas is blessed with some of the hardest working volunteers in the museum industry, without whom, Las Golondrinas could not provide the fun and educational family-friendly programing that it does!

Previous Volunteers of the Year

Year Volunteer
2023Jim Harsh
2022Oscar Rodriguez, Julia Gomez, Doug Ash
2021Marlene Jackson
2020Museum Closed - COVID
2019Cathy Greco and Jerry Kerr
2018Pedro Martinez
2017Sandee Rudnick and Ron Goodman
2016Barbara Rudolf and Richard Gonzales
2015Barbara Anderson-Acosta and Mary Ann Hart
2014Keith Austin and Donald Coleman
2013Inger Seitz
2012Doug Lonngren
2011Patricia and Rocky Tucker
2010David Geary and Larry Marken
2009The Blais Family (Hanno, Nicol, Drake & Tala)
2008Elizabeth McLaughlin and Gordon Mark
2007David Van De Valde
2006Tim Willson
2005Martha Anne Freeman & Frances Potter
2004Alfredo Baca
2003Amata Boccella
2002Dick Daly
2001Peter Gonzalez
2001Peter Gonzalez
2000Manuel Lopez
1999Ann Kennedy and Nancy Porter
1998Bunny Huffman
1997Dale Kavula
1996John Eldridge
1995The Herwig Family (James, Luise, Gunther, Anneliese)
1994Norm Jordan
1993Roberto Baca
1992Carol Treat
1991Jack Kennedy
1990Earl Porter
1989Margaret West
1988Doug Peterson
1987Rudy Herrera
1986Anita Thomas