Volunteering is Fun!

This month’s volunteer profile features The Salladin Family!
The Salladin Family
Briar: (LEFT) ” I love volunteering at Golondrinas because it has helped me learn about New Mexican and US history as well as many useful skills that are historical and useful in present day. Volunteering lets me dress in cool costumes, get outside in the beautiful landscape, teach others, see kids get excited about learning, and has helped me break out of my shell. As a result of my time at the ranch, I have become a better public speaker, teacher, and actress. I enjoy being at the Raton School House, selling items during festivals, helping with admissions, and being at Sierra Village.”
Aidan: (RIGHT)” I enjoy volunteering at the ranch because there is so much history that I have learned that I never knew before and it helps me continue to learn every day. Working together with the volunteers and staff feels like one big extended family. I love seeing and working with the animals, meeting the visitors, and learning new skills. Without my volunteering experience here, my life would be less interesting and fun, overall. I am more comfortable being around and communicating with people. Playing Billy the Kid at Spirits of New Mexico’s Past Festival was the most fun experience, ever! I also enjoy helping at admissions, at the Raton School House, Sierra Village, or wherever I am needed.”
SuZanne: (MIDDLE)” Working in the Swallows Nest Gift Shop, giving tours, demonstrating, and interpreting at the ranch over the past few years has been like finding and extending our own caring, communal family. Golondrinas has helped me advance and improve as a person, and as a parent. I am extremely grateful for the staff, volunteers, and visitors for lending to, and supporting our growth as individuals, and as a family. This has been one of the best experiences and most meaningful choices that our life path has taken us on, thus far. We are all delightfully living, and making history, together.”