Volunteering is Fun!

This month’s “Volunteering is Fun” article comes from Bob White.

Volunteer Bob White

“When my wife, Marguerite, and I retired, we decided to return to Santa Fe after having lived in Belen for 30 years.

Las Golondrinas was a natural draw for us because of a common love for New Mexico history and culture, and because of Marguerite’s ancestral connections to the Delgado, Baca and Gonzales families in La Cienega.”

“We had also enjoyed coming to Las Golondrinas in the 1970’s with original board member, Anita Thomas, Marguerite’s aunt.”

“I very much enjoy the opportunity to interpret in the Morada. The Penitentes played such a crucial role in the spiritual, cultural, and political history of New Mexico; but are relatively unknown to many of our visitors.  I have learned so much from other volunteers, but Dexter Trujillo has been particularly helpful to enhancing my abilities in the Morada.”

“The friendships made with staff and other volunteers mean so much to me, and I look forward to many more seasons.”

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