Volunteering is Fun!

This month’s “Volunteering is Fun” article comes from Dee Nelson.

Dee Nelson

“I’m originally from New Jersey and retired to New Mexico about 23 years ago, having worked as a computer trainer for a large corporation. A good friend from New Jersey, and a Las Golondrinas volunteer, Marie Aminski, and I opened a Bed & Breakfast in La Cienega and had a great time meeting people from all over, enjoyed cooking, cleaning, good conversations, and helping them to enjoy all that Santa Fe had to offer.

After Marie’s passing, it didn’t feel like fun to me anymore, so the B & B closed about two years ago. I still hear from long-time guests (one couple stayed with us 65 times!)

During all those years, I also volunteered at Las Golondrinas and just recently received my gold swallow for 2,000 volunteer hours. I enjoyed every minute of those hours and feel so lucky to be associated with the Ranch. I’ve made good friends who are very dear to me.

Most of the time you can find me in the Admissions Booth where I get to meet people from all over the world (just like at the B & B). We try to make sure they have a good experience while they visit.

For the past few years, I have added the Josefina tours to my duties. A pleasure, not a duty! The little girls arrive somewhat shy at our first meeting. Some bring their Josefina dolls. We take lots of pictures in the cradles and other spots that show the dolls enjoying their visit, and they learn all about the chores that children helped with. When they leave, we have become friends, laughing and even holding hands on the way out. That’s my reward!

So, here’s to a few more wonderful years at the Ranch. I’ll look forward to reading something about you too! ¡Hasta luego¡”

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