Volunteering is Fun!

Marcy Pompei

This month’s volunteer profile features Marcy Pompei pictured here with Ross Pope.

“My first visit to El Rancho de las Golondrinas was in 1979 when the Alternative High School spent the day at the Museum. The Molino Grande was in full operation and there was music and dancing included!

Later, I accompanied my daughter’s girl scout troop, her classroom adventures and her Spanish Dance Troop, visiting the Ranch. Lynsey, as a 6th grader, attended the Josefina celebration.  It was all great!

In 2009, I trained to be a tour guide, where I enjoyed the comaradery of the staff and other tour guides such as Ray Pino, who shared the stories of the Pino House. Quickly, I learned one of the blessings of participating in the history of El Rancho de las Golondrinas — the many friends and acquaintances gained from volunteering and working at the Ranch. That fellowship has been shining in my life and is greatly appreciated! Growing friendships with Dan and Maryann Hart, Marguerite Gonzales and Bob White, Carol Owens and Ross Pope, to name just a few, have been instrumental in keeping me engaged.

I look forward to the training each winter, listening and learning new information regarding Spanish Colonial history and the development of this living history museum.

I am forever reminded of the way people interacted with each other, the environment and the animals. Like economies of the area before and after the advent of the railroad, my daughter and her husband are honored to bring their Philly Cheesesteak Cart to serve food at the annual Santa Fe Wine Festival and the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair. Similar to grandpa in the Sierra Village, earning a living by making jackets from animal skins, my children continue the tradition of earning an income from activity at the Ranch.

Through the study of the Spanish Colonial art forms, the farming practices and the architectural designs still used in buildings today, we connect with the past. Sharing these features is the greatest opportunity! The fellowship with other tour guides, volunteers and guests of the Ranch is just the best! With these thoughts, I encourage all of you to join me in giving of your time and/or financial resources to continue the tradition of sharing El Rancho de las Golondrinas for generations to come!”