2017 History Scholars Lecture Series

Please join us for local historian, author, and Office of the State Historian — History Scholars’ Program grant recipient, Dr. Linda Tigges TODAY, December 1, at noon, in the Yucca Room, State Records Center and Archives. Dr. Tigges will discuss material culture in New Mexico from 1692 through the 1740s. She has researched and compiled quantitative information about luxury and other goods imported into New Mexico showing the trading connections of New Mexico with the cities and towns of New Spain and with the Spanish empire in Europe and the Orient. This work is meant to extend the studies and research about goods imported into New Mexico by collecting information from a broad range of sources, quantifying the items, describing the source and identifying merchants.

The 2017 History Scholars Lecture Series is presented by the Office of the New Mexico State Historian and the Historical Society of New Mexico.

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