Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Volunteers Tom Witson and Julia Gomez

As many of you know, at the beginning of the season, two of our long time volunteers, Tom Witson and Julia Gomez, collaborated on an absolutely gorgeous mirror.  The tin frame was made by our master tinsmith Tom, and the gorgeous colcha embroidered barn swallows were hand done by Julia. The pair decided to hold a season-long raffle for the mirror with all ticket proceeds to be donated to El Rancho de las Golondrinas.

At the end of the Harvest Festival on October 7th, the winning raffle ticket was chosen by a young flamenco dancer who had been at the Ranch performing.  $2289 was raised through ticket sales!
Tom and Julia would like to thank everyone for their help in this project — those who sold raffle tickets; to all the volunteers who supported the project; those who moved the mirror to various venues around the Ranch in order to display it; and all those who bought tickets! The project was certainly a grand success!