Talk Tuesdays

May 21st
Acequia Culture & Water Rights by Las Golondrinas Board Members, JJ Gonzales, Michael Romero Taylor and Kyle Harwood 
El agua es la vida. Come and learn about Acequia systems and all their complexities from three Golondrinas Board Members. Their vast knowledge encompasses everything from water law to the history and future of Acequias and agriculture in New Mexico. Call Laura at 505-471-2261 (212) for the time of this lecture.
May 28th 10 am
The Harvey Girls and La Castaneda Hotel by Madeleine Quillen
The newly renovated Castaneda Hotel has many stories to tell. Madeleine Quillen’s research on the Harvey Girls is one very fascinating story to hear. This lecture will take place in the Museum’s Paloheimo Education Center and is limited to 100 people. Come and get a front row seat.