Historical Charades

The game can be played as individuals or in teams.
Everyone involved in the fun should write down a historical person’s name, a historic place, history genre book title, or historical movie on a small piece of paper. As a group you can even decide on a specific era or theme!
Each player should come up with several ideas so there’s more variety.
Fold and place your paper in a hat or bowl. Scramble.
Select who will go first. Choose a paper from the batch.
Without using words (though sometimes sounds are permitted) act out the clue for the group.
The first person or team to guess the clue gets a point.
This game can also be played like “Pictionary or Cranium” using clay to mold the clue or paper and pencil to draw it out. Or like “Headbands,” with a historical person’s name written on a card then stuck to a player’s forehead! Try it different ways!
Use a timer to make it more exciting!
CLICK HERE to download a pdf.
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