Wanted: Josefina Tour Guides

Meet Josefina

Introduce our very own American Girl, Maria Josefina Montoya, to our young visitors! An Hispanic girl of heart and hope growing up in 1824 on her family’s ranch, much like our own Las Golondrinas, Josefina’s story perfectly illustrates life in historic New Mexico.

This season there has been a huge interest in our very popular Josefina tours. More and more families are scheduling these unique tours for their children who come clutching their very own American Girl doll, Josefina. Our specially trained docents show these children and parents what life was like all the way back to the 1700s! Many parents will book a tour to celebrate a child’s birthday or other special event. If you’re interested in joining our corps of Josefina tour guides and telling her colorful story against the backdrop of our lovely rancho, please contact Amy Muñoz-Sotelo for more information at 505.471.2261 x101 or [email protected].

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