Julia Gomez and Annette Gutierrez-Turk featured in “Pasatiempo”

Annette Gutierrez Turk Colcha Embroidery

We already know these talented artists are stars, but now the readers of “Pasatiempo” know as well; thanks to a recent article about how long-time Las Golondrinas volunteer and weaver, Julia Gomez, leads a colcha group at the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art where she teaches colcha to new students and mentors more advanced artists. Las Golondrinas volunteer and weaver Annette Gutierrez-Turk, an accomplished artist and teacher in her own right, is a member of the group and her picture is featured in the article. Hats off to both of these talented artists and volunteers for dedicating themselves to the cultural institutions of Santa Fe and for keeping traditional New Mexican art alive by going the extra mile to teach it to others!

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