Life is Sweet with Honeybees and Cherry Trees

Hello from your History Herald! As spring gently rouses New Mexico from its winter sleep, the days become warmer and brighter and our gardens welcome back their beautiful blooms. Will all this beauty around, I am inspired to talk about one of Earth’s most impressive and important species who starts to make an appearance around…

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History Herald: Springtime in New Mexico

The Dye Shed

by Laura Gonzales, Education & Volunteer Manager Wind, allergies, sunshine in some places, snow in others, we all know what that means; it’s officially Spring in New Mexico! It’s the season symbolizing growth, renewal and rebirth. Looking around at the natural beauty of New Mexico we see color springing into vibrancy around us once again.…

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History Herald: Acequias

Acequia Madre

by Laura Gonzales, Education & Volunteer Manager Did you know that Acequias are the oldest water management institutions in the United States? They were also the first non-Indigenous form of government in New Mexico, a system still in place in small rural communities. This system of irrigation, brought by the Spanish who learned from the…

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Staff Spotlight: Sean Paloheimo

Sean Paloheimo

In our never-ending quest to inform and enlighten our Las Golondrinas supporters, we are happy to introduce a new column introducing you to our hard-working staff! One of the people who wears the most hats here at the museum is Assistant Museum Director/Director of Operations Sean Paloheimo. If that last name is familiar to you,…

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Curator’s Corner: Purslane

by Amanda Mather, Curator of Collections As spring springs around here it makes me think of all the green things I have missed over the winter that are now starting to bud and come back to life. Here is to one of my favorites, and some green I can’t wait to see! This week we…

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Curator’s Corner: Agave


by Amanda Mather, Curator of Collections As we continue on with our gifts of the West series I want to talk about one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It gives us fiber, food, booze, awls, needles. I mean what can’t this baby do? I am talking about our friend: Agave. Agave has been…

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History Herald: Apples


by Laura Gonzales, Education & Volunteer Manager Hello from the History Herald! Did you know that apples have been an integral part of New Mexico’s history for over 300 years? In the past, New Mexico orchards were ripe with an array of heirloom apples brought over from Spain as early as the 17th century. In fact,…

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Volunteer Voices: Jerry Kerr

Volunteer Jerry Kerr

I was born on October 25, 1949. I am entering my seventh season as a volunteer at El Rancho de las Golondrinas, and anxiously awaiting the end of the COVID-19 social distancing measures. I began volunteering at the ranch because of my abiding interest in the preservation and promotion of New Mexico’s distinctive history. My…

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Cooking with Golondrinas: Red Chile Apple Pie

Since we’re focusing our History Herald this week on apples, and my apple trees are starting to yield some great fruit, here’s a recipe that has become a fixture at our house for holidays and special occasions — the red chile adds a great little (or big) kick, depending on how much you opt for…

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Get Your Las Golondrinas Mask!

Gray Golondrinas masks

We have a variety of masks for you to show your Las Golondrinas pride! These masks are $10 each and only available for a limited time. CLICK HERE and shoot Amanda Mather, Curator of Collections and Museum Shop Manager, an email with the number of masks you want. Please indicate Adult or Child size mask…

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